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on the right is your status panel. this shows information about you. it also shows any messages you've received. when the people you follow do things like release a work or update their profile, you'll get a message about it. this is also where you log out of the site.

Example of the icon used to select a status to update. you can also update what music you're listening to, what you're reading and what's currently on your mind by clicking on the edit control. your statuses will be shown whenever another user views your profile.


create new work

click on the type of work to create

compose private message

enter your message to below (255 characters maximum) and click on "send" when finished

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We're closed for a bit of retooling, but we've got a lot of exciting developments in the days ahead. Check back soon!

If you've got a link to your old stuff, you can still get to it. We're just closing the front door for new invitees.